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Marilyn Vincent always had a life-long love and affinity with flowers, and if the many letters and comments are anything to go by, “her soul shows in the flowers”! The passion for all things ‘growing’ is possibly inherent in Marilyn’s DNA; her Maternal family were growers on the South Coast for several hundred years and the name Grover [her Grandmothers maiden name] was known at Covent Garden well into the 20th Century.

Marilyn had, for many years, a successful career in the designer end of the fashion industry, both as a Model and Executive. She brings that level of eye for detail and extrovert flair to Outside In! For the first ten years Anne Wightman was the ‘other half’ of the Outside In team, but due to family commitments finally made the decision to not be involved on a daily basis. However, when needed, she is to be seen with scissors in hand!


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